Vaidban Gond Siyah Capsule 500 mg – Kala Gond – Black Gum – For Joint Pain


100% Pure Original Gond Siyah (Kala Gond).

Helps in joint pains and 280+ health related issues.

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Vaidban Gond Siyah

Vaidban Gond Siyah (or Kala Gond) possesses medicinal properties and is known to retain healing effect for many ailments such as back pain, leg pain, headache, pain in bones/nerves, arthritis, etc.

Along with curing pain-related complications, Vaidban Gond Siyah is the best remedy to prevent such issues. Other than this, Gond Siyah also helps in lowering increased uric acid in the body and works like magic for sciatica.

To sum it up, Vaidban Kala Gond Capsule is a one-stop solution for curing and preventing all-over body pain

Ingrdients of  Gold Siyah Capsule

  • Kala Gond Ext. –  250 mg
  • Ashwgandha Ext. – 65.5 mg
  • Triphala Ext. – 62.5 mg
  • Kali Haldi Ext. – 62.5 mg
  • Klonji Ext. – 62.5 mg


How to use Gond Siyah Capsule


  • Vaidban KALA GOND capsule, Very useful With KALI HALDI Capsule for Sciatica Pain. Joints Pain/Swelling ( Gouts) Cervical / Nack Pain.
  • Vaidban KALA GOND capsule is very useful With KALA JAMUN Capsule for Diabetes and Cholesterol.
  • Vaidban KALA GOND Capsule is useful with Vaidban PEELA METHA Capsule for shoulders pain, Back Pain, and Legs Pain.
  • Vaidban KALA GOND capsule is very effective with Vaidban Wheatgrass powder and Vaidban Babool Panchang Powder for Cancer Patients.

Benefits of Vaidban Gond Siyah Capsule.

1. Kala Gond for Weight Loss

Some girls had eaten black gum continuously for 1 month and after eating it for 1 month, they said that they felt a reduction in their body fat eating it. Thus it can be believed that due to eating black gum, body fat can be reduced. It contains a good amount of dietary fiber, which can prove helpful in reducing obesity.

2. Kala Gond Protects From Cancer

On hearing the name cancer, the air of good people becomes tight, because these people think that it is such a disease, which tortures and kills a person. Although this is true, it is good to stay away from this disease. Inside black gum, you find an element called anticarcinogenic, which works to attack the cells which are believed to cause cancer.

3. Black gum is beneficial in diabetes

In the problem of diabetes, the amount of sugar in a person’s body increases and if its amount remains constant in his body, then it can even kill him. Black gum should be eaten because it does not allow the amount of sugar to increase in the body, as well as it also works to reduce the bad cholesterol LDL.

4. Black Gum for Diarrhea

To cure diarrhea you should first take black gum powder and after that, you should heat 1 glass of water and put ORS inside it and also put black gum powder and drink it. It will prove helpful in eliminating diarrhea.

5. Gond Siyah / Black Gum can cure many diseases like:

It helps to cure many diseases like Gout, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Neck pain, Pain in the Back, Hip pain, Pain in the ankles, Increased uric acid, Cervical Pain, Muscle Soreness, Knee Pain, and Elbow Pain.

Weight 50 g


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