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Vaidban Gond Siyah (or Kala Gond) possesses medicinal properties and is known to retain healing effect for many ailments such as back pain, leg pain, headache, pain in bones/nerves, arthritis, etc.

X plus Gold Kit का उपयोग मन पावर को बढ़ाने के लिये किया जाता है । यह न केवल पुरुषों की समस्या को ही ठीक नहीं करता है बल्कि इम्युनिटी सिस्टम को बढ़ता है ।

NATURAL CARE FROM THE ROOTS It is a 100 percent natural preparation with no side-effects. This oil is highly nutritious and possesses remarkable healing and rejuvenating qualities proven to help reduce many chronic diseases.

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